Requalification of the Waterfront in Catania Published by Park Associati

Requalification of the Waterfront in Catania

Park Associati, as head of the group (RPT) Park Associati, Milan¸ Consorzio stabile di ingegneria R1, San Giovanni la Punta ; Coprat società cooperativa, Mantova, Projet Base, Paris, won the international competition for the requalification masterplan of the Waterfront in Catania.

The Project of the Waterfront of Catania has as its core the water as element and the renewed connection between the city and the sea.

Catania owes its origin and its fortune to the proximity of the sea and the mountain, which gave it relevance, identity and aggregation dimension. Over time, the boundary line between the sea and the historic center is blurred becoming a factor of risk more than resource for the community. This detachment was due mainly to the construction of two infrastructures: the railroad and the port, which created a border front between the sea and the life of the city.

The Masterplan redesigns the Waterfront for 4 km, creating a new landmark, making Catania a seaside city again, also thanks to the infrastructural project that provides for the landfill of the railway line in this section.

Putting water as a core of the project means to be well aware of the conditions that will insist on the life of coastal communities in the medium to long term. The attention to the themes of protection from natural cataclysm caused by the sea as the increasingly frequent floods that break down on the city has oriented the design assumptions.

To become the risks associated with water management, a resource of economy, beauty and renewed livability: this is the challenge we have set ourselves to imagine a new meeting place between the city and the sea.

Revealing the waterfront to the city means working on the margins and spaces of the break line. The requalification of the neighboring spaces to the site, and the creation of conviviality spaces, to walk, to make sport, to have fun,

will allow to rediscover the urban continuity between sea and city.

Catania looks at the sea!

Project Information:

Competition of ideas for the technical and economic feasibility of the new waterfront of Catania

Location Catania

Client Comune di Catania Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare di Sicilia Orientale

Typology Masterplan

Competition: February 2019 Winning Project

Area 180.000 sqm 4 kilometers of coastline

Professional Services Concept and study of technical and economic feasibility

Design team Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi Elisa Taddei (Project Leader) Ciro Capasso, Marinella Ferrari, Vanessa Guzzini, Andrea Manfredini, Simone Marzorati, Luna Pavanello, Michele Versaci

Consultants RTP Building design, Urban planning, transport / infrastructure, economy/ estimate, seismic R1 - Consorzio stabile di ingegneria R1 Scarl, San Giovanni la Punta (CT)

Environmental and energy sustainability COPRAT, Mantova (MN)

External Consultants Landscape Projet Base Sarl, Paris

Infrastructure and transport Mobilityinchain Srl, Milan

Economy / Valuation Smart Land Srl, Mestre (VE)

Territorial marketing Prof. Luca Ruggiero, Catania Prof. Gianni Petino, Catania Doc. Teresa Graziano

CAM (Criteri Ambientali Minimi) Eng. Mario Salvatore Castruccio Castracani, Catania

Copyright: Park Associati.

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Requalification of the Waterfront in Catania



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