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Upwork Clone Script | Upwork Clone Open Source

Flance is a pre-built and ready-to-launch software solution that is designed to create a full-function freelance platform within a matter of hours. It’s built in PHP, and the framework used here is CodeIgniter with HMVC architecture.

The script is highly compatible with most of the web browsers and hosting servers. Also, our freelancer script is 100% secure and free from any kind of bugs or security threats.


Our freelancer clone script Flance comes pre-equipped with in-built user-friendly features, which are fully customizable. Hence, there are no such limitations.


Sign-up & Registration: The users can register to the freelance platform individually as an employer or as a freelancer by inputting their basic personal credentials.

Project Listing: Employers can list two types of projects: hourly and fixed. While postings projects they can set the budget, and deadline and input the project details.

Bid Submission: Similarly, after registering as a freelancer, users can explore the available openings and bid on them, inputting their timelines as well as proposed rates.

Secure Payment Integrations: The freelancer script incorporates three different payment gateways, including PayPal, Wire Transfer, and authorize.net, ensuring a safe, seamless, and transparent transaction.

Real-time Messaging: Both the freelancers and the clients can engage in smooth and uninterrupted communication and share files with Flance’s built-in messaging system.

Notifications: Flance keeps the users notified about the latest job postings, bid submissions, bid acceptance, and other relevant details.

Ratings & Reviews Systems: The platform users can share their experience and rate each other upon the completion of a project and build a reputation management system.

Robust Admin Panel: The freelancer clone script has a strong admin panel that allows the admin to manage the user accounts, features, and functions of the platform.

Dispute Resolution Room: If the freelance and clients are indulged in a payment-related conflict, they can solve it with the script’s dispute resolution feature.

Payment Mode: The freelancers are allowed to set their payment mode, whether By Milestone or By Project. With milestone payment, freelancers can get paid a partial amount of the total package after accomplishing a certain part. And with the latter option, they can receive the full payment once the project is done.

Escrow Payment System: Flance integrates an escrow payment system where the payment is debited from the client’s account and kept on hold. Later the money is released once the project is accomplished and both parties are satisfied with the work.

Commission Models: Our freelance PHP script integrates flexible commission models, including project listing, featured listing, and bid purchasing that can be enabled immediately after launching the website.

Dashboards: Freelancers and clients can have their individual dashboards where they can see, manage, and amend their activities.

Installation & Maintenance

Flance comes with a free installation service and one year of maintenance support. Our tech team install it to your web hosting server within 24 hours. We offer routine bug fixes, security patches, and system updates to keep your freelance platform up and running, dodging glitches, security threats, and bugs.

Demo Link: https://www.bestfreelancerscript.com/demo Product Link: https://www.bestfreelancerscript.com/upwork-clone-script

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Upwork Clone Script | Upwork Clone Open Source



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